Friday, March 22, 2013

Peru 1 - Chile 0

Peru played host to Chile in their fortress in Lima.  Chile were the brighter side from the start, and they really should have been given a penalty when Peru goalkeeper Raul Fernandez came off his line and took out Mauricio Isla without even coming close to the ball.  Rather than being giving a red card and a penalty against, Peru received a goal kick.  Chile were undeterred by the set back, and Alexis Sanchez fired a shot that was deflected by Fernandez.  Carlos Lobaton cleared off the line, and Peru were living a charmed existence.  With ten minutes left in the half, a Mark Gonzalez header was shoulder off the line and off the crossbar by Lobaton.  The half ended without a goal.

In the second period, Peru were the dominant side.  Attacks from the home team were constant, and Chile were hanging onto the draw by a thread.  Claudio Pizarro and Cristopher Hurtado both shot wide on clear chances at goal, and late on a Jefferson Farfan through ball to Jose Reyna was slide tackled away by Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.  With three minutes to go, Farfan was in off a through ball.  An oncoming Bravo blocked the initial shot, but Farfan collected the ball, and, after a full spin, he shot into the vacated net for the opening goal at the death of the match.  Peru hold on and win 1-0 to pull themselves within striking range of a qualification berth.

Argentina 23 pts +16
Colombia 19 pts +13
Ecuador 17 pts +3
Uruguay 13 pts -2
Venezuela 12 pts -4
Chile 12 pts -5
Peru 11 pts -4
Bolivia 8 pts -7
Paraguay 8 pts -10

Jefferson Farfan 87

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