Friday, July 22, 2011

CONMEBOL Releases Full Schedule

Amidst the excitement of its ongoing continental finals, South America's confederation CONMEBOL released the match dates and fixture list for their entire 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying cycle. This will be the fourth straight qualifying cycle that will use the exact same fixture list, though all matches involving Brasil will now be off days for the opponent typically slotted to face Brasil as Brasil have already qualified as the host nation and will take no part in qualifying.

Each team plays every other team once at home and once on the road. The result is that each of the nine teams participating will play sixteen matches each during the eighteen CONMEBOL matchdays. The first matchday is in October 2011, and the eighteenth is in October 2013. The only team that will not play on the final matchday is Venezuela, who have historically been slotted to play Brasil in rounds nine and eighteen. The dates for the matches are approximations, and the date for any match may shift forward or backward by one day as the fixture approaches.

The top four finishers in the qualifying table go directly to the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals in Brasil. The fifth-place finisher advances to a playoff with the playoff team from one of the following three confederations: OFC, CONCACAF, AFC. The intercontinental matchup will be determined during the preliminary draw on July 30 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

7 October 2011
Bolivia at Uruguay
Paraguay at Peru
Chile at Argentina
Venezuela at Ecuador

11 October 2011
Argentina at Venezuela
Uruguay at Paraguay
Peru at Chile
Colombia at Bolivia

11 November 2011
Bolivia at Argentina
Ecuador at Paraguay
Venezuela at Colombia
Chile at Uruguay

15 November 2011
Argentina at Colombia
Bolivia at Venezuela
Paraguay at Chile
Peru at Ecuador

2 June 2012
Ecuador at Argentina
Chile at Bolivia
Colombia at Peru
Venezuela at Uruguay

9 June 2012
Paraguay at Bolivia
Chile at Venezuela
Peru at Uruguay
Colombia at Ecuador

7 September 2012
Uruguay at Colombia
Bolivia at Ecuador
Paraguay at Argentina
Venezuela at Peru

11 September 2012
Argentina at Peru
Ecuador at Uruguay
Colombia at Chile
Venezuela at Paraguay

12 October 2012
Uruguay at Argentina
Paraguay at Colombia
Chile at Ecuador
Peru at Bolivia

16 October 2012
Uruguay at Bolivia
Peru at Paraguay
Argentina at Chile
Ecuador at Venezuela

22 March 2013
Venezuela at Argentina
Paraguay at Uruguay
Chile at Peru
Bolivia at Colombia

26 March 2013
Argentina at Bolivia
Paraguay at Ecuador
Uruguay at Chile
Colombia at Venezuela

7 June 2013
Colombia at Argentina
Venezuela at Bolivia
Chile at Paraguay
Ecuador at Peru

11 June 2013
Argentina at Ecuador
Bolivia at Chile
Peru at Colombia
Uruguay at Venezuela

8 September 2013
Bolivia at Paraguay
Venezuela at Chile
Uruguay at Peru
Ecuador at Colombia

10 September 2013
Colombia at Uruguay
Ecuador at Bolivia
Argentina at Paraguay
Peru at Venezuela

11 October 2013
Peru at Argentina
Uruguay at Ecuador
Chile at Colombia
Paraguay at Venezuela

15 October 2013
Argentina at Uruguay
Colombia at Paraguay
Ecuador at Chile
Bolivia at Peru

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