Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ethiopia docked points for ineligible player

CAF Group A winners Ethiopia have forfeited one of their victories against Botswana due to fielding a player who should have been serving a suspension for yellow-card accumulation.  The match in question occurred on 8 June 2013, a match which Ethiopia won in Botswana 2-1.  Minyahile Beyene should not have been permitted to participate in that match, and Ethiopia have acknowledged the mistake.  The match has been awarded as a 3-0 victory to Botswana.  The adjusted group table appears as follows:

Ethiopia 10 pts +1
South Africa 8 pts +4
Botswana 7 pts +1
Cen. Af. Rep. OUT

This news saves both South Africa and Botswana from elimination with one round of matches left to be played in September.  Ethiopia would clinch the group (for real this time) with a victory away to Central African Republic, but a slip up would allow the winner of South Africa's home match against Botswana to steal top spot in the group.

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