Sunday, July 21, 2013

Equatorial Guinea docked points for ineligible player

Equatorial Guinea become the sixth African team sanctioned for fielding ineligible players in a qualifying match during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Equatorial Guinea have forfeited their home victory over Cape Verde for having fielded an ineligible player.  Emilio Nsue, who scored a hat trick in the match, was not eligible to represent Equatorial Guinea at the senior international level, though no exact reason was given for his ineligibility to play for the country.  The match in question occurred on 24 March 2013, a match which Equatorial Guinea won 4-3.  The match has been awarded as a 3-0 victory to Cape Verde.  Also, the return fixture that occurred on 8 June 2013 has been awarded as a 3-0 victory to Cape Verde.  Nsue also featured in that match, so Equatorial Guinea were punished again.  The original outcome of that match was a 2-1 victory for Cape Verde.  The adjusted group table appears as follows:

Tunisia 11 pts
Cape Verde 9 pts
Sierra Leone OUT
Eq. Guinea OUT

This changes the scenario for Tunisia's home match in September against Cape Verde.  Before this ruling, Tunisia had clinched the group, but now Cape Verde have arisen from the ranks of the eliminated.  Now the match will occur with the Group B title on the line.  Tunisia need only a draw to advance.

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